Lo Kee Money Tournament #2

    We see tons of talent that nobody knows what to do with. We don't see many of you putting money behind your name. So this is exactly what we are doing.

    This is a Lo Kee Money event for 512 artists (or however many sign up not exceeding 512 contestants). EACH person puts their $5 into the pot to promote each other. That comes out to $2560. $1000 goes to the winner bringing the remaining $1560. $900 will be used to advertise the ENTIRE Tournament.

    đŸ”¹Round 1 - Screening

    đŸ”¹Round 2- Screening

    đŸ”¹Round 3- Screening

    đŸ”¹Round 4- Screening

    đŸ”¹Round 5- $150

    đŸ”¹Round 6- $150

    đŸ”¹Round 7- $200

    The Championship Round receives $200 in advertising leaving $1260 at the end of the tournament. $500 will be used to advertise this tournament to raise the prize money and the remaining $760 will be used to advertise the next tournament the name of our tournament champ at the same time. The $1000 awarded to the champ is used to advertise his personal music to the world across Facebook and Instagram. The Champ may choose to accept a cash award of $500 instead if they like and their remaining winnings will be used to advertise their music with $500 instead of $1000.

    Sign up for a payment plan for all promoters that would like to help recruit.
    In the event that we do not get enough people to join the tournament, ALL prizes and advertising numbers presented above will be reduced proportionately according to the goal outcome of 512 members yielding $2560. So if we only get half of our goal participants will raise half the amount of money in which the prizes will be halved as well as all advertising campaigns.

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